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The Tamara Carnival

Stay Tuned for The Tamara Carnival 2023 dates

A Festival of Experiences - Music, Culture, & Cuisines

The most memorable holiday yet!

The Tamara Carnival is a week long extravaganza of music, gourmet food, nature experiences, and a host of curated activities to make your holiday unforgettable. Indulge yourself in our signature sustainable hospitality surrounded by luxury reimagined.
Tamara Festival of Music

Remembering the Fun Highlights

The Tamara Carnival 2022 - Coorg | Kodai

The Tamara Carnival is our signature annual extravaganza that brings together a festival of experiences, gastronomical spreads, and unforgettable evenings filled with music, games, and more. Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at the attractions at The Tamara Carnival 2022!

Musical Extravaganza

A brief about the musical shows and performers till date.  Over the years, The Tamara Carnival has hosted several musical maestros and superstars from the world of music. Guests have grooved to the music of Grammy-Award-winning Rickey Kej and stars like Ravi Baral & Zaii Hauchhum, Indic Raga, Bikash Sunar, Swahaa Band and more. 
thematic dinner at The Tamara Kodai

Thematic Dinner

Our chefs have pulled out all the stops to create culinary showcases at the carnival. Guests have traversed Around South India in 10 days at The Tamara Coorg; and at The Tamara Kodai, our guests have experienced the best from Around the World at meal times!
Story Corner & an Aperitif

Story Corner & an Aperitif

Guests learnt about the history of the local region told to them with stories by expert storytellers. The experience was made fun with a locally inspired aperitif.
A couple at our thematic Thattu Kada

Thematic High tea

High Tea at the carnival is always abuzz with activity! We have thematic tea times with the classic Thattu Kadai at The Tamara Coorg and the Potti Kadai at The Tamara Kodai. Nothing like going old school!
Birdwatching at The Tamara Coorg

Bird watching

At The Tamara Leisure Properties, Nature is our central focus. We have ensured that it remains as undisturbed as we can help it. Our naturalists take you on a bird-watching walk where you can see some majestic beauties of the region in their natural habitats. They make for a wonderful sight and some amazing pictures. 
History and Nature Walks

Mixology and Culinary sessions

Through the carnival, guests enjoyed the opportunity to sign up with our chefs and mixologists for master classes. They learnt to mix classic cocktails and cook Indian and international specialities from the repertoire of our experts.

Throwback to the Earlier Editions of The Tamara Carnival

Take a trip down memory lane to learn more about The Tamara Carnival’s earlier chapters. Browse through our archives to take in all the excitement.

Nature Unplugged

Disconnect with the digital world and lose yourself in Nature at The Tamara Carnival in 180 acres of forest for a memorable holiday. Soak in ten days of soulful music, cultural events, and dining experiences that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Nature Unplugged
High on Kodai

High on Kodai

Gift yourself a much-deserved break to rediscover relationships at The Tamara Carnival in a one-of-a-kind heritage resort in Kodai. Here is your chance to get high on scintillating live performances, and thoughtfully curated experiences for family and friends alike.

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Where is The Tamara Coorg located?

The Tamara Coorg nestles within the Kabbinakad Estate in Coorg. The closest airport is the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru.

Where is The Tamara Kodai located?

The Tamara Kodai is on St Mary’s Road in Kodaikanal. The closest airports are Madurai, Coimbatore, and Trichy.

What are the days of The Tamara Carnival?

The Tamara Carnival is a grand 10-day event at The Tamara Coorg and The Tamara Kodai from October 25th to November 3rd, 2022.

Where can I find a schedule of events for both properties?

Click here for The Tamara Coorg – Nature Unplugged and here for The Tamara Kodai – High on Kodai.
Click here to download the whole itinerary.

How can I make a booking for The Tamara Carnival?

Simple. Just click Book Now. Or connect with us on +91 80 7107 7700